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Blue Flame earrings

A vibrant pair of earrings with sensuous curves.

These earrings have beautiful smooth curved lines and the polished silver look beautiful against the vibrant blue petal. 

The earrings are sterling silver and the blue petals with fine leaf details are titanium. As opposed to silver, titanium is a very hard metal to shape and the colour is created by applying heat to the exact seconds it takes to create this blue lustre.

They are entirely handcrafted by a Polish jeweller, who also happens to spend a lot of his time in Australia, and who is also the maker of all our beautiful Calla Lily jewellery.

The earrings are 70mm long and 18mm wide.



This goes with that

Big O sterling silver bangle AU$320.00 Etched silver droplet ring AU$165.00 Open Calla Lily pendant AU$765.00
Square silver top ring AU$139.00 Blue Calla Lily pendant AU$448.00 Narrow calla lily ring AU$390.00