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Calla Lily brooch

An exquisite brooch.

A long, slender half closed Calla Lily with a fluted edge and a long gold stamen. The lily has an amazing, rich blue and purplish lustre and unfortunately the photo doesn't do it proper justice. 

Made of titanium, sterling silver and 24ct gold plating, this brooch is crafted by a Polish jeweller who has perfected the skill of working with titanium.

The titanium itself is a very hard and unyielding metal to work with compared to the soft and very pliable sterling silver and the blue colour is created by applying heat to the titanium after the lily has been formed. Applying heat is a delicate process and no two pieces will have exactly the same colour play.

This sterling silver brooch is 115mm long and 18mm wide and closes with a little security lock. 





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