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Corn blue pearl necklace

An absolutely gorgeous pearl necklace!

A large, lustrous baroque pearl is the centre piece for this stunning agate necklace. 

The cornflower blue agates have a faceted surface which reflects the light beautifully and they are 11-12mm wide.

The pearl hangs on a sterling silver diamante bail and the necklace has a sterling silver toggle lock. 

The pearl is approximately 20mm long and the photo represents the style you will receive but each pearl is individual.

The necklace is 45cm long and matches the Corn blue pearl earrings .



This goes with that

Baroque pearl studs AU$60.00 Corn blue pearl earrings AU$148.00 Dimpled sterling silver ring AU$84.00
Silver looped pearl ring AU$135.00 Change over pearl earrings AU$148.00 Corn blue silver earrings AU$82.00