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Emu Dreaming pendant blue

A true Australian pendant with a splash of colours.

Raymond Walters Japanangka's beautiful Emu Dreaming paintings have been transferred onto jewellery and takes art into our everyday lives.

Lisa Engeman from Occulture produces anodised aluminium and silver jewellery with licensed Aboriginal art and she has created a limited edition jewellery collection using Raymond's colourful paintings. This collection supports Red Dust Role Models which is not-for-profit organisation delivering health promotion programs in partnership with remote communities.

Emu Dreaming is a story of hundreds of emus that travelled across central Australia with many of them perishing on the way. In their search for food, one emu met a turkey and asked if it knew where there was Kujuta, a sweet fruit, but the turkey replied that it only had dry, tasteless bush tucker. However, the emu stayed until the turkey left and went to where it had earlier seen the turkey and found a trench filled with sweet and tasty Kujuta. When the turkey returned and saw the emu, a fight broke out between them and as the emu was trying to hit the turkey with its wing, it scattered the Kujuta around and thus creating and forming the landscape of Ngarleyekwerleng near Mt Allen.

The pendant is 62mm long and 23mm wide and has a sterling silver bale. The pendant comes with a 42cm wire cord.

This pendant can also be ordered blue/green, gold, orange or purple. See our full range of Occulture's aboriginal design jewellery here .



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