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Large Blue Calla Lily earrings

A truly spectacular pair of handcrafted calla lily earrings.

Made of titanium, sterling silver and 24ct gold plating, these earrings are crafted by a Polish jeweller who has perfected the skill of working with titanium to get this beautiful blue and purplish lustre which doesn't at all come to its right in the photos.

The colouring is caused by a high temperature applied to the titanium after the lily has been formed and there may therefore be slight variations in the colour from pair to pair. The titanium itself is a very hard and unyielding metal to work with compared to the soft and very pliable sterling silver.

The lily is 24mm wide and the earrings are 60mm long.

This is the larger size but  they are also available in a smaller version which are 20mm wide and 5cm long.


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