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Narrow Calla Lily necklace

Looove this!

This necklace is pure understated elegance and will suit any occasion, day or evening.

It has a long, narrow blue calla lily with a long gold stamen that curves with the silver band half way round.

This Calla Lily silver necklace is made of sterling silver and titanium with a 24ct gold plating on the stamen. It is entirely handcrafted by a Polish jeweller, who also happens to spend a lot of his time in Australia, and who is the maker of all our beautiful Calla Lily jewellery.

As opposed to silver, titanium is a very hard metal to shape and the colour is created by applying heat to the exact seconds it takes to create this blue and purplish lustre. No two pieces are exactly the same as the colour variations will differ slightly in each piece.

The necklace is 41cm and will sit on your collarbone. The lily is 60mm long and approximately 18mm wide.



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