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Seed Dreaming silver earrings - Red

Sterling silver earrings Australia

Bring the art into your everyday life with these gorgeous handmade earrings.

A collaboration between an Australian indigenous art centre and an Australian design company has produced these beautiful earrings in anodised aluminium and sterling silver.

Lisa Engeman, who is behind the design company Occulture, creates her contemporary and unique Australian silver jewellery using licensed artwork produced by Warlukurlangu aboriginal artists.

The artist is Lucky Nampijinpa Langdon and her painting tells the Seed Dreaming story of a man who picked 'watiya-warnu' seeds on his travels and carried them in a food carrier on his head. 

Lisa uses a special technique of anodising aluminium and then handcrafting and detailing the piece with sterling silver creating a unique pair of Australian sterling silver earrings. 

The earrings are 11mm wide and 36mm long and the full length to the top of the earwire is 60mm.



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