Milena Zu Diadem Earrings

Unique Milena Zu Diadem earrings for adding personality to your style.

These Milena Zu earrings have an almost whimsical feel with their organic shape and loosely crocheted design. They are crocheted by hand in fine brass wire which is plated in silver and then partly oxidised to create the unique pattern.

Milena Zu is known for her edgy wire mesh jewellery. She is Italian born and educated but travelling through Indonesia, she came across the very skillful local artisans and knew that was where she could bring her ideas to life. She now resides in Indonesia and collaborates with the local artisans, who are  masters in the ancient method of hand making fine metal wires and crocheting them into beautiful shapes.

The earrings are 60mm long and about 45mm across. As the earrings are handmade, each earring is unique in its pattern and the ones you will receive will have slight variations from the images.

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