Contemporary Silver Brooches

Our contemporary silver brooches are designed for each individual style. Choose and shop our modern styles online. 

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Sterling Silver Brooches

Brooches are coming back….and in fresh, modern designs.

Many of us have gold or silver brooches in our drawers handed down from our mother or grandmother. Often their style is too old fashioned for us to wear them.  But if you could instead have a contemporary sterling silver brooch expressing your own style and individuality, it would be a different matter. Brooches are associated with high status and fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel use them in their runway shows. At Crowded Silver you can get your bit of high status at an affordable price.

A brooch is best worn on lapels or to the left or right over the bust. They look elegant on a winter coat or jacket so pick one that suits and simply leave it on always. It is a beautiful little statement to make and why cover up all our jewellery underneath our coats anyway.

You can wear your silver brooch on your suit jacket in the office or at a formal occasion or….why not at the center of a buttoned up collar?

If you would like to buy a handmade silver brooch online than look no further than the unique range we have above. We can ship them anywhere that you need using safe secure postage.

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