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"Jewellery is the last thing left of most civilisations"


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Handmade Silver Jewellery Online In Australia

Are you are looking to buy silver jewellery online? Do you want something that is contemporary, bold or timeless? Then Crowded Silver is just the shop for you! Here you can buy a wide variety of sterling silver and handmade silver jewellery. Our range caters to a woman’s taste for individuality and artistic expression. Modern, but with a classic twist. You really won’t find jewellery quite like what we offer anywhere else.
Most of our sterling silver jewellery pieces are handmade by the designer. They are created with both style and elegance in mind. We stock jewellery that truly makes a striking and confident statement. Crowded Silver offer everything from rings and silver earrings to necklaces and silver bracelets. Other sterling silver jewellery items are for sale through our store too. They all have unique designs that will appeal to style conscious women all across Australia.
Our silver jewellery pieces are all personally selected. That means you know you are buying carefully handcrafted items. They are made by jewellery artisans from across the globe and from Australian designers too. We ensure that our jewellery is produced to the highest standard of quality. Furthermore, we do our best to ensure it is still affordable to our valued customers, just like you.

Gift Vouchers Available

Crowded Silver is an online jewellery store dedicated to providing the best in customer service. To help achieve this goal, we offer affordable delivery. Your purchase can be delivered anywhere in Australia or overseas too.
We also understand that sometimes you get stuck about which silver jewellery to buy online. Don’t worry, Crowded Silver has come to the rescue. Through our website you can buy gift vouchers to whatever value you want. Choose from a large selection of gift card styles or personalise one with your own uploaded photo.
For the rare customer that is not happy when they buy silver jewellery from us, we offer a simple return policy. All that needs to happen is that it is returned it in its original condition within 14 days. We can then provide a full refund – no questions asked.

Sterling Silver Jewellery For Something A Bit Different

Make your jewellery shopping experience a positive one. Buy something unique from our silver jewellery store online. You can browse through categories including silver earrings, silver bracelets, silver necklaces, silver rings, or silver brooches too. You can also browse by style or design, such as calla lily jewellery, pearl jewellery, bold jewellery, or delicate jewellery .
Our jewellery designers include Milena Zu and Shabana Jacobsen and we also stock a large range of Mexican sterling silver jewellery for sale.
We hope you like our handmade silver jewellery as much as we do!