Calla Lily bracelet

A striking piece of wearable art!

This Calla Lily bracelet is just so exquisite and you can feel and see the excellent craftsmanship from the meticulous finish to its solid weight.

This solid sterling silver bracelet has a large blue Calla Lily flower made in titanium, which is then heated to obtain this vibrant blue and slightly purplish lustre. The long stamen extends to curve gracefully with the bracelet and has a thick 24ct gold plating.

The bracelet is entirely handcrafted by a Polish jeweller who is the maker of all our Calla Lily jewellery.

The flower is 33mm wide and 50mm long and the bracelet has an internal circumference of 16cm and a snug fit is recommended.

If you need a different size, the Calla Lily bracelet can be ordered and just send us an email to arrange.




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