Open calla lily silver pendant

What a stunning calla lily silver pendant!!

A vivid blue colour with flecks of purple, warm gold and cool silver make for one very eye catching statement necklace.

This pendant is made of sterling silver and titanium with a 24ct gold plating on the stamen. It is entirely handcrafted by a Polish jeweller, who also happens to spend a lot of his time in Australia, and who is the maker of all our beautiful Calla Lily jewellery.

As opposed to silver, titanium is a very hard metal to shape and the colour is created by applying heat to the exact seconds it takes to create this blue and purplish lustre. No two pieces are exactly the same as the colour variations will differ slightly in each piece. View our full range of calla lily jewelry here.

The pendant is 90mm long and 50mm wide and will sit perfectly on a sterling silver choker from our Chain selection.

Handmade sterling silver jewellery online at Crowded Silver.



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