Sterling Silver Chains

Explore our range of sterling silver chains online. Our chains come in different lengths and styles to suit any pendant.

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Sterling Silver Chains For Sale Online

When you buy a pendant on its own, make sure you have the right sterling silver chain to go with it. That way you can start wearing your silver necklace straight away.

You can easily add a sterling silver chain or a rubber cord from our range of chains.


When choosing a chain, you have to consider the pendant, its weight and size, and how far down you want it to hang. For a small pendant, you might prefer a delicate sterling silver chain, 1-1.5mm.

To sit on the collar bone, you will need the chain to be no more than 45cm. If you prefer it a bit lower, you will need a 50cm chain. For a bigger pendant or a pendant with a large bale, you will need a thicker and stronger chain to get the right balance between pendant and chain. If you are after the contemporary look with long chains going below your chest, you will need an 80cm chain.

Which ever you prefer, we make it easy to buy sterling silver chains online no matter which type you are after.