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Sterling silver necklaces and pendants

If you are looking for contemporary and unique silver necklaces or sterling silver pendants, check out our large selection of Australian made jewellery available online.

Whether you are in the mood for something bold, edgy or delicate, we are sure you will find something you like. All our silver necklaces are made from 925 sterling silver and are handpicked from jewellery designers around the world. We have a large range of Australian silver necklaces including our very popular Australia shaped necklace. If you are after silver handmade jewellery Australia, then you will find plenty to choose from in our online store. We also carry a large range of pearl jewellery including pearl necklaces, pearl rings and earrings.

Sterling silver pendants and necklaces delivered straight to you

When you buy a silver necklace from us, you can enjoy the benefits of affordable and reliable delivery whether you live in Australia or abroad. To us, a customer is a customer, no matter which country you happen to live in!

Also as part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest standard of customer service, we offer a fuss-free no questions asked returns policy. So if you decide your sterling silver necklace or pendant is not quite right or you’ve just change your mind, you can return it in its original condition within 14 days and receive a full refund. It’s as easy as that!

If in doubt, get a gift certificate

We understand that some women can be difficult to buy jewellery for – especially modern women who are confident in their own style and tastes. So save yourself the time and headaches and get her a gift certificate – we guarantee that she’ll love it just as much! Set you own amount for the gift voucher, choose from one of our many designs and write your personal message…very easy!