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Welcome to our proud range of Milena Zu jewellery. Milena’s jewellery is exquisitely unique and edgy and is jewellery our customers go out of your way to obtain. We ship worldwide and are happy to take orders for our next shipment so you can secure your piece of Milena Zu jewellery.

Milena Zu is an Italian born designer with a family tradition in arts and crocheting. Years ago during her travels, Milena visited Bali and when she saw the crochet skills of the Balinese and Javanese people, she knew her ‘vision’ was to be manifested there.

The local artisans in Bali were using an ancient crocheting technique that came from India to Indonesia at the time of incense trading a long time ago. They were using copper, brass and sometimes silver and pure gold, which they melt into a clay pot. When the metal is about to solidify they pull it through tiny holes into several meters of a single metal wire. Once the wire is ready, the crocheting starts by following certain mathematical calculations in order to achieve the shapes for each design. Using just a single and very simple crocheting tool similar to a fishing hook, this is a very lengthy technique. This process cannot be done by a machine, and it is magical to see as every new shape is created.

Milena’s brand is focused on ethically sourced materials and processes without the use of harmful chemicals. The galvanic metal coatings with silver and pure gold are executed by hand one by one as it used to be in the ancient Egyptian times.

Milena has explored and experimented over the years with all kinds of materials and her contemporary jewellery carries a unique style and an edgy flavor. She is always exploring new ways of merging elements and you will find colourful silk yarns and tiny crystals stitched on her metallic mesh jewellery entirely woven by hand.