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Brian Eburah jewellery

Brian Eburah lives in Wales, United Kingdom, where he makes his unique jewellery. While attending Central School of Art and Design, he was introduced to titanium, which he combined with silver, gold and precious stones. These days Brian still works with titanium but is now mainly using niobium in order to achieve a wider range of colours.

Brian’s inspirations come from nature which he translates into abstract forms, textures and colours. His designs start out as intricate drawings and a theme develops which evolves over the years.

Brian’s pieces are hand crafted at his studio in Wales and each piece is unique and small variations may therefore occur.

To achieve the amazing colours of Niobium, the metal is placed in a bath and given an electric charge. The various patterns can be achieved by applying the voltage locally using stop-out tapes. These colours will not fade or flake off over time.

Niobium is a natural, non allergenic material and since the colours are achieved without adding any foreign materials, niobium jewellery is an excellent option for people with a metal allergy.

If you need to clean your niobium jewellery, you can do so with warm, soapy water and a thorough rinse afterwards and dapped dry with a tissue or cloth. If needed you can use eg an old toothbrush on the niobium but not on the silver as it may scratch (never use any abrasive cleaners on your jewellery).  To clean the silver, you can use a silver polishing cloth or silver dip and none of this will harm the niobium…and as always, rinse well.