Floating Silver and Niobium Pendant

A unique and elegant silver pendant.

The pendant is made in sterling silver and niobium with the amazing colour display achieved by applying an electric charge to the niobium.

The pattern of the niobium resembles a grey overlay with beautiful, subdued colours underneath, ranging from burnt orange and yellow to green and a darkening blue.

The niobium sits against a sterling silver back with a subtle pattern and a matte silver finish. The silver back wraps over at the top showing the high polished silver of the back and creating a beautiful contrast.

The pendant is completely hand crafted and each piece is therefore unique and minor variations may occur.

Click here to view more of our niobium silver jewellery and to read about the jeweller and the use of niobium.

The pendant is approximately 45mm long and 27mm wide and will good on an Omega chain.

To create a unique set, you can match the pendant with our Floating silver and niobium earrings and the Floating silver ring.


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