Large black and white Murano glass pendant

A large, black Murano glass pendant with a unique composition of black and white Millefiori beads.

This striking pendant is handmade in Venice, Italy. It is made of small glass beads fused together to form a unique pattern. Millefiori beads are long glass canes sliced to reveal their internal pattern, often resembling little flowers. In these pendants the glass canes have also been sliced lengthwise creating a unique, abstract pattern. Each pendant is handmade and no two are ever alike.

Each of our Venetian Murano glass pendants have been personally handpicked from small family businesses on the island of Murano. So we can vouch for their authenticity and each pendant will come with a little Certificate of Authenticity supplied by the artists.

The island of Murano is famous for its traditional glassmaking. The technique in creating these pendants is very interesting and we’ve put together a little explanation with some video links. You’ll find it at the bottom of the Murano glass pendant category. Be sure to check it out.

The black Murano glass pendant comes on a thick 4mm black neoprene cord. The cord is 40cm long and has a 5cm sterling silver extension. The glass pendant itself is approx. 5.5cm wide.



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