Velvety Murano glass bead necklace

A unique Murano glass necklace with a large sumptuous bead in soft, velvety colours.

This Millefiori glass bead is Murano glass handmade in Venice, Italy. Millefiori beads are made from long glass rods which are then usually cut across to reveal their internal pattern and create small beads.

However, this glass bead is made from multiple rods fused together, each with their own intricate, internal pattern. The fused rods are then blown into a hollow shape. To reveal the internal colours, shallow lines are shaved off the surface exposing the pattern in a different way.  If you look directly at the end of the bead through a magnifying glass, you can see the full, but tiny pattern of each rod. The result is a truly unique bead.

Each of our Venetian Murano glass beads have been personally handpicked from a small family business on the island of Murano. We can therefore vouch for their authenticity and each necklace will come with a little Certificate of Authenticity supplied by the artists.

The island of Murano is famous for its traditional glassmaking and the Millefiori beads have become their trademark. If you want to know a little about how these Millefiori beads are made, then head to our Murano glass pendant category for a brief description with video links.

The glass bead on this unique, Murano glass necklace comes in two sizes, either 35mm x 15mm or 45mm x 20mm (sizes are approximate due to their handmade nature).

The bead sits on a 45cm round sterling silver Omega chain.




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