Blue calla lily earrings small

A truly spectacular pair of handcrafted calla lily earrings in a vibrant blue titanium colour set against silver and gold.

These calla lily earrings are made of titanium, sterling silver and partly plated with 24ct gold. They are handcrafted by Polish jeweller, Janusz Szkutnic, who has perfected the skill of working with very hard and unyielding titanium.

The vibrant colour of the calla lily comes from applying heat at a high temperature to the titanium after the lily has been formed. The flowers have a beautiful blue and purple lustre changing colours slightly depending on the angle of light…something not easily captured in a photo unfortunately.

These calla lily drop earrings are 20mm wide and 50mm long.

If you wish to see more of Janusz’ work, then head to our calla lily jewellery category to see our full range.


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