Australian earrings – Goanna Dreaming

A pair of small Australian hoop earrings with Goanna Dreaming charms in blue, green and black colours.

These sterling silver hoops have a little square charm threaded on them. The charm is aluminium which has been photo anodised with the licensed aboriginal art.

The painting on the charms come from a Goanna Dreaming painting done by Ruth Nungarrayi Spencer. The painting tells a story of a group of Warlpiri women sitting in a circle when a Wamaru man from the Japangardi people came up to them. He took one of the women with him up the hill where they made love. The earth then turned to a yellow and white ochre and the man turned himself and all the women into goannas. The ochre is still found on top of the hill and is used for love magic and ceremonial decoration.

The silver hoops are 18mm and the squares 11mm.



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