Large black and yellow Murano glass Millefiori pendant

Gorgeous black Millefiori pendants with pretty black, yellow and white Millefiori beads set in a sterling silver frame.

These Murano glass pendants are handmade in Venice, Italy, and are made of small glass beads fused together to form a unique pattern. Millefiori beads are slices of long glass rods. When cut, their internal pattern is revealed which often resemble little flowers. Each pendant is handmade and therefore completely unique.

Each of our Venetian Murano glass pendants have been personally handpicked from small family businesses on the island of Murano. We can therefore vouch for their authenticity and each pendant will come with a little Certificate of Authenticity supplied by the artists.

The island of Murano is famous for its traditional glassmaking and the Millefiori pendants have become their trademark. If you want to know a little about how these Millefiori pendants are made, then head to our Murano glass pendant category for a brief description with video links.

These black Millefiori pendants are framed in sterling silver and are 33mm wide. The price is for one and you can make your choice of colour combination below.

If you need a chain, you will find a selection in our sterling silver chain category.




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