Deneb mesh ring

If you are game, this is an extraordinary, contemporary ring.

This Milena Zu mesh ring is as unique in its design as it is exquisite in its workmanship.

I’m not sure what to call these shapes, but it is like two flat bottomed bowls edging around each other, but Milena had something else in mind when she named the ring Deneb, which is the name of one of the most brightest stars in the sky. Whatever it reminds us of, it is a ring full of individuality and very unique.

This mesh ring is handmade from fine copper wire which is partly oxidised and partly gold plated. The largest bowl is 25mm wide.

If you are not already on Milena’s designer page, then make sure to check out our whole range of Milena Zu jewellery here, where you will find other pieces matching beautifully with this ring.




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