Large Mabé pearl ring

A beautiful large Mabé pearl ring.

This genuine Mabé pearl framed by high polished silver is timeless and classic. Wear it casually or as a statement ring with other chunky pearl or silver jewellery.

A Mabé pearl is grown from an irritant attached to the shell of an oyster as opposed to being inserted into the mantle tissue. The pearl forms as a blister (blister pearls) on the shell and when cut out has a flat side. This makes Mabé pearls perfect for rings and earrings.

This chunky pearl ring has a large Mabé pearl set on a wide band sterling silver ring. The wide end of the ring band has slightly upturned corners with the band tapering to half the width. The ring band is adjustable and comfortable to wear.

The pearl is 15mm wide and the band 19mm at its widest.

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