Light blue sapphire ring in sterling silver

A truly stunning blue sapphire ring.

This large gemstone ring will mesmerise you with its clarity, pure icy blue colour and sheer size. Bring out your own unique style and personality with this elegant ring or gift it to a loved one and it will be cherished forever. Sapphires are known to symbolize wisdom, truth, and nobility. They are said to bring protection, enhance intuition, and unlock inner peace…a lot of goodness in just one ring!

The blue sapphire ring has a large emerald cut lab grown sapphire set in sterling silver. Lab grown gemstones are genuine gemstones. As opposed to mined gemstones, they are grown in a lab from a tiny speck of mined sapphire under conditions mimicking the natural geological process.

The ring is 12mm x 17mm.

Let us know if you need a different ring size and we can order one for you. Timeframes will vary depending on the availability of the gemstone.




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