Reach silver bangle

Our Reach silver bangle is superbly handcrafted in a modern and timeless design.

This Australian made bangle is a beautiful alternative to your traditional bangle. If you enjoy wearing handmade jewellery, this is a great option.

The bangle has raised sides all the way round and a soft curve at the top. It twists open at the top where the pinched end rests and overlaps onto the wider end.

The bangle is hand forged to create a superior flex and strength and this allows the bangle to twist open without harming it. Once closed, it will return back to its original shape.

Inside circumference of the bangle is about 17cm and as it opens up, you only need to consider your wrist size and not your hand size. The opening gives you the option of sliding your wrist through that opening instead of sliding it over your hand like a traditional bangle. If you need a bigger or smaller size, it can be ordered for you…just send us an email.

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