Vega puffed disc earrings

Understated and stylish Vega disc earrings from Milena Zu.

These Milena Zu earrings are crocheted with fine brass wire which has been silver plated and half oxidised. The earrings have a puffed disc shape which hangs on a sterling silver chain. The chain has also been oxidised to a beautiful bluish colour with a slight purplish tinge.

Milena’s Italian design flair shows in her edgy and stylish jewellery and every piece is handmade, so yours will always be unique. Milena lives in Indonesia now where she collaborates with local artisans who are masters of this ancient crocheting technique carried down through generations. Her style is unique and the workmanship is excellent.

These Vega disc earrings are 75mm long and the discs are 20mm wide.

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