In many cultures across the world, earrings have been worn to denote social status, for cultural identity and tribal affiliation and more. And interestingly one might argue that this is still the case! But we do also just love their beauty and the pleasure we get from wearing a pair of beautiful earrings…probably no different from centuries ago.

But who got the idea first to hang something from your ears?

The oldest archaeological discovery of women wearing earrings were the Sumerians from around 2500 BC. They were typically either gold or silver earrings, that were fashioned into hoops. The Sumerians lived in parts of present-day Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Handmade black earrings

Earrings were also popular with the Egyptians, Greeks and Roman civilizations when they were at their peaks. In the 17th century, more intricately designed earrings became popular with the well off members of society. Pendant earrings were one style that flourished, often silver, with a European stone attached.

At the beginning of the 1900s, earrings in some countries such as Australia and the USA were associated with immigrants and promiscuity. This was one time when the piercing of ears declined. By the mid-1920s however, costume jewellery became popular, including fancy earrings.

The style of hat that was popular with women has also influenced earring design through the times. The 1920s saw dangling styles to compliment costume headdresses. In the 30s, earrings were simpler and closer to the face, to match a more conservative hat. The 1940s brought padded shoulders and sculpted hair dos and as always earrings changed to compliment the style.

By the 1950s, earrings became more elegant and feminine. Fashion was beginning to take off and having one’s ears pierced was now more acceptable and commonplace. Especially after the Queen had her ears pierced.

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Today, earring styles are very diverse reflecting the fashion freedom and what is now considered acceptable. At Crowded Silver, our selection is also diverse. We have earrings for any occasion and any style and whether our customers need them to compliment an outfit or show their individuality, there is a large selection of unique silver earrings to choose from.

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