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In many cultures across the world, earrings have been worn to denote social status, for cultural identity and tribal affiliation and more. And interestingly one might argue that this is still the case! But we do also just love their beauty and the pleasure we get from wearing a pair of beautiful earrings…probably no different […]

Mexico is currently the world’s leading producer of silver. While silver has been used for many things in Mexico for thousands of years, Mexican silver became famous across the world with the arrival of the Spanish armadas in the 1500s. When it comes to the metal itself, silver is silver, wherever it is found. Mexico […]

Silver jewellery is broad term and it is good to know exactly what you buy. Silver can be a reference to the metal or to the colour. It can be pure silver, sterling silver, plated or rolled silver or a base metal with a silver colour. There is no right or wrong in what you […]