Menkar mesh bangle

Add an edge to your mesh bangle.

This Milena Zu mesh bangle has a distinctive edgy flavour in its organic, handmade shape and its stainless steel.

The bangle is made of fine stainless steel wire crocheted by hand into a thick, hollow shape with an edge. The bangle is approximately 11mm high and has an internal circumference of 19cm, which is a medium size.

Milena Zu is famous for her mesh jewellery. She grew up in Italy in an artistic family and during her travels came through Ubud where she came across the local artisans who mastered an ancient technique of crocheting with metal wires. Their skills had been passed down through generations and Milena now works with the artisans who crochet her modern designs to her exact mathematical instructions.

If you are intrigued, you can see more of our Milena Zu jewellery and read about her on our Milena Zu designer page.



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